1. List 3 of your favorite Web sites and tell me why they are your favorites. What is it about each site that make you want to visit it frequently?

a. fackbook: I went to college out of state, so it helps me stay connected to my friends and reduces my phone bill. I liked it better when it was ONLY for college students and they didn’t change the layout every month. (change isn’t always good!)

b. pandora: speaks for itself! A music station I can control and that is smart enough to link my music artist choice to other artist that sound alike.

c. flickr: Its a fast way for me to upload my projects to get my friends opinion and I can control the privacy settings. Site is very easy to use.

2. What do you like best about Web Design? After reading the possible careers in web/interactive described in the class notes below, where do you think you best fit into the field?

I like the web designer aspect and I wouldn’t mind doing coding. I like the process of creating the visual look and feel for a web page/ site.

3. Referring to the blog post ā€œ100 Must Read Design Blogs,ā€ select a blog of your choice, read an interesting article and post a quick summary and your thoughts about it to your WordPress blog.


This blog talks about the different things to take into consideration when coming up with a name for a business. Tips include: Make it easy to remember, make it easy to say, make it easy to spell, use it to brand yourself, and make it marketable.

The blog is straight to the point and not long winded. It gives great information to help me determine a name for my business.



  1. Jamie Said:

    Hi Jessica,

    Your HTML assignment for this week helped me learn a lot about you — thanks for that! I think — since you don’t mind coding — having technical skills in addition to your design talent is a great combination!

    • jessmckinney Said:

      Thank you and sorry about the broken links. It’s because I optimized them after inputting them and forgot to update the links.

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